Gospel Illusions

Paul is a Christian and he has many creative and unique ways in which he communicates stories and messages from the Bible.

Using illusions, he is able to connect with both adults and children in church services and youth groups and has a wealth of experience in working with churches, Christian youth groups and kids clubs.

Whether it’s a short slot in a family service or something different for your youth group or children’s group, Paul is happy to work with you to fit your requirements to communicate the Christian message.

Paul can tailor a message to any theme you cover. The majority of the entertainment is just that, pure entertainment and this will then include a short message incorporated into the show which brings out a Christian message. This works well with ‘Messy Church’ but a magical message can also fit into your main church service.

This way of communicating a message has also been used by non-church organisations to communicate moral messages through the entertainment that Magical Mayhem can offer. Therefore, if you want to cover subjects like love, joy, priorities, bullying or working together, Magical Mayhem can tailor some illusions to cover virtually any subject.

For more information and booking call: 07725 633433 or email paul@magical-mayhem.com

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