Walk About Magic

Great for any summer fete, Christmas fayre, garden party, community fun day or fundraising event.

Paul's unique and exceptional ability to involve and engage every age group ensures that, as he walks around the crowd wowing them with close-up magic, circus skills, balloon modelling and even unicycling, they will all be enthralled!

If a magic show or circus skills workshop isn't what you're looking for, Paul's 'Walk About' package could be just what you need. He will be happy to come to your event and interact with guests of all ages, keeping them entertained with a unique combination of magic and circus skills.

Paul is highly skilled and experienced enough to change and adapt to any situation based on the needs of the event. This enables him to adjust his 'walk about' routine according to the guests - perhaps providing impromptu, on-the-go balloon modelling workshops, close-up magic or even giving children the opportunity to ride a unicycle!

"Absolutely brilliant. The best Christmas entertainer we have ever had!"
Ms Wood, William Shrewsbury School.