Planning the perfect kids party

Planned well and your child’s party will leave happy memories for years to come but,  planned badly, you are guaranteed stress!

We’ve come up with Ten Top Tips to ensure your children’s party is one to remember – for all the right reasons!


Include your child in the planning right from the start – get them deciding who to invite, what theme to have and what they want in the party. They can even help make and write the invites.


Many venues and children’s entertainers get booked up at least two months ahead. Although you won’t need to send the invites out this early, make sure you’ve booked the venue as soon as possible.


Having the party at home is fine but the games will need careful planning to work with limited space.  Hiring a venue is a good idea and locally there are loads of inexpensive venues for hire. Make sure you check the facilities – especially the kitchen facilities if you’re planning to cook there. 
Arrive early with the birthday boy or girl so that they have time to familiarise themselves with their surroundings and you have enough time to set up and decorate.


Parties don’t always have to be at weekends and often work well after school. It’s great for kids to have the party on their actual birthday and if that falls during the week you may even get a reduced rate for midweek venue hire.


Decide on a theme for the party – eg pirate, princess, Mr Men etc – this will make decorating much easier. Invest in a small balloon pump – it will save time, energy and lots of effort when blowing up the balloons!
If you do have a theme, let the entertainer know – at Magical Mayhem we will incorporate your theme into whatever we do and most good entertainers will do the same.


Hiring a children’s entertainer is a great way of ensuring the children (and adults) are entertained throughout the party with the minimum stress and planning for the parents.  A good entertainer will interact with all ages using a wide range of activities and will create a party package to suit your individual needs.

A good entertainer will ensure that they party runs smoothly and the children are engaged with at all times with no opportunities to run riot!

If you’re not sure whether hiring a Children’s Entertainer is right for you, give them a call and talk about what they offer.  Ask for references and make sure you choose one that you feel at ease talking to.

At Magical Mayhem we offer a range of packages from a 1 hour magic show or the full two hours where we are involved in the whole party.  From the moment kids arrive we interact with them using magic, circus skills, balloon modelling and, of course, party games and we will adapt our package to suit whatever requirements you have.


Give a name badge to each child. It makes them feel special and it helps everyone to know who’s who.  It’s also worth taking contact details for the parents too if they’re not staying.


Save opening the presents until after the party. If they’re opened during the party it will distract the children and the presents are likely to get broken or damaged. 
If you save them until after the party it also gives the birthday boy or girl something to look forward to when everyone’s gone home.


Make sure the food is out of the way or at the side of the hall until you’re ready for the kids to eat – otherwise it will only cause a distraction.  Allow around 15 minutes for eating and play some background music maintain a party atmosphere.


At Magical Mayhem we are happy to provide party bags at a minimal cost which are packed with goodies.  Ask us for more information when you book if you would like us to do these.